Pakistani and Afghani food and a Halal Restaurant in Hounslow, UK

Craving for the taste of traditional Pakistani food and a Halal restaurant in Hounslow, UK? Missing that flavorsome and mouthwatering Pakistani Chicken Biryani, Afghani or Peshawari Lamb Karahi and Pakistani Chicken Karahi. Lala Peshawari is ready to serve you with Lala style Pakistani and Afghani cuisine in UK.

If you have been looking for desi restaurants in Hounslow, UK. We, Lala Peshawari are one of the authentic halal Pakistani food restaurants in Hounslow, UK preparing mouthwatering cuisines for you. Our chefs will Wisk you away with a feast for your senses giving you the taste of home.

United Kingdom has a huge Pakistani and Afghani community. UK prides in providing one of the finest and luxurious dining experiences in the world. But sometimes, one just craves for the taste of home. Things get difficult when one is trying to locate an Pakistani and Afghani food near me in the UK.

Lala Peshawari has opened its doors in Hounslow, UK. Our chefs use the finest ingredients with the perfect amount of spice, transporting you momentarily from UK to your residences in Pakistan and Afghanistan. People who are displaced in either way, always cling to their language, customs, foods and traditions. Lala Peshawari is headed by Pakistani chefs, who have passion for their food, blessing your taste buds with desi flavors in the UK.

Our desi restaurant has a varied menu from Indian cuisine to Pakistani cuisine! Peshawari Lala serves Pakistani lamb curry, Pakistani chicken curry, Peshawari Beef Chapli Kebab, Karachi style Nihari, Lahore style Paya, tender Mix Tawa grill, Karachi Korma with the special 9-spice blend. In mood of vegetarian food? Lala Peshawari has Tarka Daal, Chana Masala, Bhindi Karahi and other scrumptious spicy vegetables in the menu also. All these foods that become a luxury when one is in foreign country are a ritual in Pakistan and Afghani. Indeed, having authentic Pakistani food near me in UK is heavenly, a feeling which cannot be explained

Are you a meat lover, missing the Afghani food and Afghani restaurants culinary delight? Lala Peshawari is also serving Afghani Boti, Chops, Malai Tikka, Charsi Karahi, seekh kebab and Chicken Sajji. After the main course, we have Lala’s famour kheer and kulfi to sweeten your taste buds. Last but not the least, washed down with a cup of Qehwa (Green tea).

Searching for Pakistani food takeaway or Dine-In service in Hounslow, UK. You can check out our menu online. Call right away on 02033026465 or you can email your order at Lala Peshawari is one of the best Pakistani restaurants that you can find in the UK. We make sure to serve you hot food right from the wok.

So while you are on a hunt for best Pakistani food or Afghani food that are rich and packed with spices bursting with colors. Come and satisfy your cravings at Lala Peshawari halal restaurant in Hounslow, UK with our authentic, desi flavorful dishes without worrying about the calories.