But First, some tips for juicy and soft Liver (Kaleji).

Cooking Chicken liver is like cooking any animal liver can be extremely scary as the tissue is susceptible and can get solidified by overcooking. The interaction is, to some degree, like cooking a tenderloin steak. Everything revolves around keeping it delicate and delicious. We should dig it.

The Chicken liver is delicate with 70% water. Cooking Chicken liver with salt rapidly delivers all its water and gets intense and chewy. So the most effective way to cook the liver is to decrease the cooking time to 5 minutes altogether. In conclusion, never add water while cooking the liver. You might add tomatoes that deliver water while cooking.

Any technique you utilize for the chicken liver, the cooking time for it must not surpass 5 minutes. Cover and cook on a medium or slow fire for 3 minutes, add salt and cook for an additional two minutes. Eliminate heat. Cover and rest for 10-15 minutes. This resting will allow the liver to settle all juices and seal them. The steam caught in the pot additionally finishes the leftover cooking of the liver.

chicken liver

Extra TIPS:

1. Cut liver in bite-size pieces about ½ inch and of equivalent size for even and speedy cooking.

2. The liver is profoundly nutritious, So it is highly advantageous for developing children. Notwithstanding, individuals attempting to bring down their cholesterol consume it with some restraint.

3. Continuously ensure the liver eaten is of a healthy bird that was not presented to poison as the liver likewise channels all body poisons.

4. Since the liver is a thick supplement, once in a while is hard to process, mainly for people who have frail assimilation. For this reason, fenugreek seeds and fenugreek leaves are constantly added to the liver, which helps to process.


No one shares their secret, but sharing is caring, and you can only give away what you have inside you.

First, make the oil hot in a Karahi (a deep pan) and fry the liver until it changes color. Putting the raw liver into hot oil shocks the liver and seals its inner juice while making it nice and crispy outside. It takes 5 – 6 mins to make it crisp.

Reduce heat to medium and pour the excess oil into another pan (to be used for another dish). Add Garlic and ginger paste. And add fresh tomato paste. Let’s say you have 1/2 kg chicken liver. Add 1/2 kg tomatoes paste. Tomatoes release water once heated. As you are on medium heat, your liver can now relax.

Once all water from the tomatoes is gone – add the following spices.
Crushed Red Chillies., Crushed Coriander Powder, Cumin, Salt as per taste, Tandoori Masala, and Dried fenugreek leaves

Stir to mix the blended spice for 2 – 3 mins. It is ready to serve!

This recipe is only used in Lala Peshawari restaurant.

Karachi’s Burns Road – The core of the food legacy Available In the UK

Assuming one asks someone about the best spot or a street in Karachi to have Tasty and most probably spicy Pakistani food, they will undoubtedly highlight Burns Road in Karachi. Burns Road was once the essential corridor of Post-Pakistan Karachi, uniting friends, networks, and dishes. The tradition of Burns Road is unquestionably mouth-watering food; each dish has its own particular story that fits like a unique piece into the more extensive development of the entire road.

Lala Peshawari UK 1_ Burns Road Karachi

Burns Road was named after a British specialist/spy named James Burnes. Later the name was changed to Muhammad Bin Qasim Road Post-Partition. It is as yet known as Burns Road or, all the more tenderly, “Buns Road.” Yet, the areas around Burns Road are considered to have housed the earliest settlements in the city of Karachi, tracing back to 1857.

Various immigrants from urban communities like Delhi got comfortable in the Burns Road Area. Different immigrants, identities, and fellowships settled there, including the Punjabi Saudagaran-e-Delhi, a local area of Punjabi Muslims who generally settled in the old pieces of Delhi. Many food sellers follow their family linkage to this local area of Muslims and have a more extensive relationship with transients from India. Some accept that food sellers began gathering out and about when travelers needed to have similar culinary encounters they did in India.

This road has seen a ton of political disturbance and vulnerability, which impacted how eateries and merchants led their organizations, from Ayub’s 1964-65 mission against Ms. Fatima Jinnah to the ascent of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement Party (MQM). Indeed, even amid precariousness, individuals would assemble here for the solace of extraordinary food and a solid feeling of the local area despite evolving times. What’s more, on occasion, without trying to hide, the designs of the old structures on Burns Road and the remarkably created overhangs feel like the phantoms of a clamoring, cosmopolitan time of Karachi.

Burns Road is known for its different yet humble food that takes special care of the scope of tastes and pockets. While individuals have their number one eateries, it is prescribed to explore different avenues regarding new preferences and make new top picks. Next are probably the most established foundations in the city, which have been serving scrumptious mark dishes for ages. People visit until quite a bit later, and Burns Road may be best delighted with an unfilled stomach and a receptive outlook.

Lala Peshawari UK _Burns Road Karachi 2

Lala Peshawari UK _Burns Road Karachi 2

The “Pakistani Dil Bahar Dahi Baray,” which remained on Burns Road since the fifties, stays a taste separated concerning snacks. Dahi Baray is broiled lentil dumplings shrouded in yogurt, and tamarind glue, with a grouping of vegetables and flavors. Dil Bahar has been controlled by a similar family since the 1950s and is famous for their custom-made, immortally exemplary Dahi Baray, with a Twelve-Spice beating.

For dessert, the “Delhi Rabri House” gives traditional dishes unrivaled in their reasonable pleasantness and deliciousness. Rabri is a sluggish warmed milk dessert made utilizing improved home milk and coagulated cream, which is gooey and tacky but exceptionally light in flavor. Dehli Rabri House’s recipe is exceptional to the point that film stars, government officials, dignitaries, and priests used to dare to this shop explicitly to fulfill their sweet tooth. It has been working beginning around 1964, and regardless of what dish guests partake in the most, they should attempt the mark Rabri dish.

Lala Peshawari UK _Burns Road Karachi 2

Last up is the grill, a well-known #1 for Pakistanis. Perhaps the best spot on Burns Road to get a delicious and zesty grill is “Ustaad Khadim BBQ”. A family began Ustaad Khadim from Dehli, who had a little wheelbarrow in 1951 and opened a small cart in 1961. They first started cooking kebabs and chicken and later added sauce-based Chicken masala Kaleji.


LALA Peshwari food- uk Karahi

The mystery behind Ustaad’s prosperity is the exceptionally created recipe of the flavors in the marinade, which the family accomplished through broad trial and error. Ages of clients show up to eat their grill, and right now, the same recipe is followed and evaluated by the Lala Peshawari of Hounslow.

The only difference I found in tasting the Masala Chicken Liver or Kaleji between Karachi and London is that Ustaad makes it in Karachi, and Lala (Lala Peshawari’s head chef) makes it in London. The Ustaad uniquely trains Lala for months to craft the recipe of the spices in the marinade. This the the closest I could reach to witness the Burns Road Chiken Liver or Kaleji in London, something that was missing by many restaurants for such a long time.

Lala Peshawari has seen a lot of change since it began in 2019. However, Lala has improved and brings more customers all over the country. They are pleased with their food, family, and commitment as a local area, Hounslow, to serve excellent quality food to every individual who visits. So if one wishes to have an outstanding and mouth-watering experience in London, Lala Peshawari is the spot that can’t be missed.

Lala Peshawari Uk - Food Lala Peshawari Uk - Food Lala Peshawari Uk - Food

Bohra Community And Their Distinctive Social Eating

The city of London has generally been home to different religions and cultural backgrounds, whose traditions and customs may not also be known to general society. One such community is the Dawoodi Bohras, A harmonious cherishing Muslim community living in the U.K., Endeavoring to embrace advancement while remaining consistent with their practices. The Dawoodi Bohras are a Muslim group who have lived in the United Kingdom since the 1960s. Around 1,000,000 individuals worldwide and approximately 2,000 families reside in the U.K. Individuals from the local area are spread across nine urban cities from Manchester to London.

The community was initially from Gujarat, India. Dawoodi Bohras follow their foundations back to Egypt and Yemen, and their practices result from these different South Asian, Middle Eastern, and African impacts. The Bohras’ way of life and values are emphatically centered around the welfare and success of their closely knitted community. The most significant numbers of the community dwell in India, Pakistan, Yemen, East Africa, and the Middle East, with a developing presence across the U.K., Europe, North America, South East Asia, and Australia.

Most individuals from the Bohra community in the United Kingdom are from the province of Gujrat, India. However, their language is called ‘Lisan Al Dawat’ (a combination of Arabic, Persian, Urdu, and Gujrati), and numerous Bohras speak Gujrati too. The word ‘Bohra’ is gotten from the Gujrati word ‘Vohra,’ which converts into a merchant or financial specialist, as most Bohra individuals participate in business and trade.

Food has a substantial impact on Bohra’s life. Shared eating in large groups is profoundly energized, and food wastage is not allowed. The community is generous enough to invite extended family and friends interested and ready to indulge in various species and deep flavors of only selected locations and restaurants.

Because of its authentic roots, the Bohra community loves food with a kick, like Gujrati cooking. The Afghani and Pakistani dishes are very much part of their diet. Amongst other restaurants in London, Lala Peshawari of Hounslow are in the top 5 restaurants on Dawoodi Bhoras’s list. Their fundamental meal incorporates Roti, Naan (flatbread), and Karahi with halal meat, chicken, or lentils. Bohras are especially partial to enjoying rice-based dishes, from tender but spicy Lamb shank Beef Biryani to Afghani Kabuli pulao and the exemplary lentils (Tarka Daal) with rice, uniquely flavored daal prepared with clarified butter and sweet onion presented with plain rice. Yogurt sauce, salad, or Afghani chutney are likewise filled in as sides during the feast.

LALA Peshwari food

Lala Peshawari and the Bohra community don’t just mingle for the love of food; they also enjoy unique culinary encounters that emphatically have faith in Lala’s depth of flavors and service, especially when the waiter starts speaking to them in Gujrati.

The Dawoodi Bohras have consolidated many pieces of their long and intriguing customs into their day-to-day practices, whether on business, weddings, or celebrating family or religious days. Their love for Lala Peshawari food makes a fascinating review and a better comprehension of the Bohra community.

5 Best Halal Restaurants In Manchester – Taste, Culture, And Affordability At One Place!

There was a time when finding Halal food among the fancy streets and glamorous bars of Manchester was a big headache for Muslims. Whether due to sky-high prices or poor flavors, finding the perfect one that not only tastes like your homeland as well as is budget-friendly also was challenging.


But now, finding Thai, Turkish, Indian, Bangladeshi, Pakistani, and Afghani cuisines has become a piece of cake for everyone, all thanks to social media and the internet.


However, affordability and taste still remain big question marks. That’s why we are here enlisting the top 5 halal restaurants in Manchester, so you won’t have to waste your time and money on unworthy food.

Best Halal Restaurants In Manchester

So, without further discussion, let’s get straight to our first eat place!


Dishoom:Dishoom review


Contact: +44 161 537 3737

Address: 32 Bridge St, Manchester M3 3BT, United Kingdom


Dishoom is a Bombay-based restaurant serving Halal food on the streets of Manchester for a long time. Although they also have pork on their menu, it is available for breakfast only. Besides this, they have an extensive variety of Halal food on their menu, served with delicious sauces.


Their small platters are famous all over Manchester. They have a perfect blend of spices and a flavorful taste. Having multiple branches in the United Kingdom, the most famous Halal meals of Dishoom are lamb chops, chicken tikka, and grilled chicken. Also, don’t forget to try their exceptional bottomless Chai!


Don Giovanni:Don Giovanni


Contact: +44 161 228 2482

Address: 1, Peter House, Oxford St, Manchester M1 5AN, United Kingdom


If you are a steak lover and finding an elegant Halal Italian-styled steak restaurant in Manchester, then Don Giovanni is here to put an end to your search. Having more than 35 years of experience in serving food lovers with taste and quality, Don Giovanni can literally take your taste buds on a roller coaster ride.


Ravioli pasta with fresh-water lobsters with Profilteroles and Vino Santo dessert is quite famous. If you ever visit Don Giovanni, make sure you give them a try.


Mughli:Mughli review



Contact: +44 161 248 0900

Address: 30 Wilmslow Rd, Rusholme, Manchester M14 5TQ, United Kingdom


Mughli is the best spot for people residing n the UK but craving the spicy and taste-rich flavor of East Asian countries, especially Pakistan and India. The charcoal grilling aroma, potent turmeric, and red chili taste served with a freshly-baked soft break, prepared in Tandoor, is what not only wins your heart but also hooks you till your next visit.


Whenever it comes to East Asian cuisines, we just cannot bound ourselves to 2 or 3 most favorite dishes. However, we suggest going for their masala chicken biryani, butter chicken with tandoori naan, and Tikki Tikki Chat with your favorite drink.


Al-Jazeera:Al-Jazeeraltd review


Contact: +44 161 257 3337

Address: 22 Wilmslow Rd, Rusholme, Manchester M14 5TQ, United Kingdom


Al Jazeera can be your ultimate savior if you are looking for flavor-rich and affordable Afghani, Pakistani, Indian, or Bangladeshi cuisines. Offering dine-in, takeaway, and delivery, Al-Jazeera is quite famous for its exceptional ambiance and up-to-the-mark taste.


Although Al-Jazeera has already won our hearts with their out-of-the-ordinary Kabuli pulao, their tender lamb chops and grilled chicken served with rice are nothing less than perfection. Their heartwarming aroma and tasteful flavor are like a treat to your heart and soul.


Etci Mehmet:Etchi review


Contact: +44 161 228 3158

Address: Unit 4, The Quadrangle, Chester St, Manchester M1 5QS, United Kingdom


Immensely famous for its exotic steaks collection, Etci Mehmet is one of Manchester’s top halal fancy restaurants. It has three different locations in Birmingham, Liverpool, and Manchester and attracts visitors from all over Manchester for its well-known Turkish delight, Baklava.


Well, that was a sweet tooth, of course. Let’s get straight about the main course now. If you are a seafood lover, then a King Prawn Platter would be a perfect choice for you. And if not, then go for a Fillet steak burger with their signature secret Etci sauce, and New York steak with a drink of your choice would certainly work for you.


The rich taste of this salt-bae-type restaurant is enough to win your Asian heart right on the exciting streets of Manchester.

And now, it’s the time for our “SPECIAL ENTRY”!


Yes, you read that right; we have Lala Peshawari, an ultimate symbol of taste and love.


Lala Peshawari: LALA Peshawari review


Contact: +44 20 3302 6465

Address: 476 Great West Rd, Hounslow TW5 0TA, United Kingdom


Serving the best Halal Pakistani and Afghani dishes, Lala Pehsawari is well-known for its exceptionally unique flavor and up-to-the-mark ambiance throughout London.

In short, Lala Peshawari is enough to give you deep nostalgia for your culture, tradition, roots, and homeland.

So, what wastes your time and money trying new restaurants in Manchester? Give top ratings to our top 5 halal restaurants and enjoy the fusion of flavor and culture.

Top 5 Halal Restaurants In London To Cure Your Craving!

There was a time when finding Halal restaurants with good taste on the sparkling streets of London was challenging. Whether it’s the unavailability of your favorite dish or tasteless food, after putting their time and money, people used to end up with nothing but dust.

But all thanks to social media, people are not only progressing towards their traditions and cultural aspects, but businesses are also bringing new trends to attract customers of specific regions, races, and religions.

For example, the trend of Halal food practiced by Muslims all over the world is made accessible by social media. At the same time, many restaurants have followed this tradition of having a Halal food range so they can have Muslim customers also.

So, if you can relate to this situation, here we are to be your ultimate savior! We have enlisted the top 5 London Halal restaurants. So, without further delay, let’s get straight to our first spot for Halal, delicious and affordable food to cure our cravings.


Lala Peshawari:

Address: 476 Great West Rd, Hounslow TW5 0TA, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 20 3302 6465


Our show starter, Lala Peshawari, is exactly what an Asian person can dream of. On the charming streets of London, Lala Peshawari can give you the feel of your homeland, your tradition, your roots!


Halal Restaurant London

From the Karachi Badurabad Halwa Puri breakfast available exclusively on Saturdays and Sundays to the Legacy of authentic Afghani Pulao, Shinwari Chapli Kebab, Namak Mandi Charsi Karahi, Peshawari Namkeen Karahi, Burns Road Kaleji (chicken liver), Pakistani Butter Chicken, Kharadhar Haleem, Burns Road Nihari, and Karachi Memon spicy Lamb Biryani. Lala Peshawari can make you experience your culture and the love of Karachi, Peshawar, and Kabul at the most affordable rates.

Visiting Lala Peshawari is equal to getting the love of your homeland in the most affordable rates.



Address: Borough Market, 3 Rochester Walk, London SE1 9AF, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 20 3011 5151


If you are looking for a perfect spot to cure your Eastern craving, then Arabica could be a perfect solution. Having multiple locations throughout London, Arabica offers home delivery throughout the United Kingdom.

The served food at Arabica is prepared with special care regarding the Halal terms. All the meat comes from grass-fed cows, which have a large and sustainable fish stock as well as the ingredients are locally sourced and seasoned.

Although the whole menu of Arabica is full of taste, its humus, grilled halloumi salad, Lebanese 7 spice wings, and Baklava is something you can’t afford to miss.



Address: 38-40 James Street • London W1U 1EU

Contact: +44 20 7486 1000


Cocochan is among the best halal restaurants in London that can literally treat your soul with its remarkable traditional Asian taste, fused with the cultural tastes of Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and Indian cuisines.

Although some of the cuisines of Cocochan might contain duck, alcohol, and other non-Halal dishes, they have a wide variety of Halal dishes on their menu that can serve you the best tastes.

Being in the center of London’s shopping district, this pan Asian restaurant is well known for its Hargow King Prawn Dumplings served with their signature Dim Sum sauce, Miso black Cod with Miso sauce, and Wok Black Pepper Beef. Also, don’t forget to end your treat with Fresh infusion mint tea.


Roti King:

Address: Euston, 40 Doric Way, London NW1 1LH, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 20 4580 1282


Roti King is one of the best examples of what Malaysian cultural cuisines can taste like. It is a small roadside restaurant with quick services, having two branches in London, but its exceptionally diverse Malay taste is enough to hook you till your next visit.

Having a wide variety of roti dishes, Roti King is nothing less than a dream of an Asian man coming true while living in London. Their roti canai with vegetarian, meat and chicken curries perfectly combines taste and elegance. Its rich taste speaks for the authenticity of the Roti King.

And if you are planning to go for something other than the rotis, then Roti King is certainly not a place to disappoint you. Try their Char Kuey Teow, serving perfectly-cooked rice with eggs, chicken, and prawns.


The Great Chase:

Address: 316 St John Street, Islington, EC1V 4NT

Contact: +44 20 3887 9768


Last but not least, The Great Chase is a perfect show of what a person can ask for. With elegance, taste, culture, and affordability, The Great Chase leaves no room for being average to their customers.

Having an extensive Halal food range, The Great Chase is equipped with every strategy to make its fine dining restaurant and dry bar the best in the whole of London. Their alcohol-free drinks, rare teas collection, and aromatic dishes make them the favorite of thousands of food lovers all over London.

If you ever visit The Great wall, don’t forget to try their Aged Sirloin Beef Roast and Strawberry buttercream Macarons.


Final Thoughts:

Lastly, our top restaurant, Lala Peshawari has won the race with its ethnic taste and traditional vibes. They are, undoubtedly, one of the most prestigious and culturally derived restaurants you can ever visit in London. However, our other four participants are nothing but the less. Thai, Chinese or Indian, you can literally experience the elegance of your homeland’s traditional food without getting out of the budget.