But First, some tips for juicy and soft Liver (Kaleji).

Cooking Chicken liver is like cooking any animal liver can be extremely scary as the tissue is susceptible and can get solidified by overcooking. The interaction is, to some degree, like cooking a tenderloin steak. Everything revolves around keeping it delicate and delicious. We should dig it.

The Chicken liver is delicate with 70% water. Cooking Chicken liver with salt rapidly delivers all its water and gets intense and chewy. So the most effective way to cook the liver is to decrease the cooking time to 5 minutes altogether. In conclusion, never add water while cooking the liver. You might add tomatoes that deliver water while cooking.

Any technique you utilize for the chicken liver, the cooking time for it must not surpass 5 minutes. Cover and cook on a medium or slow fire for 3 minutes, add salt and cook for an additional two minutes. Eliminate heat. Cover and rest for 10-15 minutes. This resting will allow the liver to settle all juices and seal them. The steam caught in the pot additionally finishes the leftover cooking of the liver.

chicken liver

Extra TIPS:

1. Cut liver in bite-size pieces about ½ inch and of equivalent size for even and speedy cooking.

2. The liver is profoundly nutritious, So it is highly advantageous for developing children. Notwithstanding, individuals attempting to bring down their cholesterol consume it with some restraint.

3. Continuously ensure the liver eaten is of a healthy bird that was not presented to poison as the liver likewise channels all body poisons.

4. Since the liver is a thick supplement, once in a while is hard to process, mainly for people who have frail assimilation. For this reason, fenugreek seeds and fenugreek leaves are constantly added to the liver, which helps to process.


No one shares their secret, but sharing is caring, and you can only give away what you have inside you.

First, make the oil hot in a Karahi (a deep pan) and fry the liver until it changes color. Putting the raw liver into hot oil shocks the liver and seals its inner juice while making it nice and crispy outside. It takes 5 – 6 mins to make it crisp.

Reduce heat to medium and pour the excess oil into another pan (to be used for another dish). Add Garlic and ginger paste. And add fresh tomato paste. Let’s say you have 1/2 kg chicken liver. Add 1/2 kg tomatoes paste. Tomatoes release water once heated. As you are on medium heat, your liver can now relax.

Once all water from the tomatoes is gone – add the following spices.
Crushed Red Chillies., Crushed Coriander Powder, Cumin, Salt as per taste, Tandoori Masala, and Dried fenugreek leaves

Stir to mix the blended spice for 2 – 3 mins. It is ready to serve!

This recipe is only used in Lala Peshawari restaurant. www.lalapeshawari.co.uk